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MEGAbitty Controller Board
MEGAbitty Controller Board
  • Complete robot controller board and motor driver
  • Only 0.9" x 0.9" (23mm x 23mm)
  • Well under 0.1oz (2 grams)
  • 6-12V operation
  • Drives two DC motors (up to 500mA each)
  • >500mA regulated 5V power for sensors and peripherals
  • Pre-installed boot-loader for easy serial-port programming (Assembled version only. Requires separate inexpensive RS232 level converter)
  • Atmel Mega8 AVR Microcontroller
    • 16MIPS (8-bit instructions)
    • 8K Flash; 1K SRAM; 512bytes EEPROM
    • SPI, TWI, UART
    • Eight 10bit Analog-to-digital convertors
    • Analog comparator
    • 16bit timer/counter w/ two PWM channels
    • Two 8bit timer/counters
    • Hardware multiplier



  • Assembled & Tested
    • Not offered at this time.
  • Kit
    (Warning! Requires assembly of extremely small components! Good soldering skills and equipment are high recommended!):